The revolution in learning.

The world is not changing – it has already changed.
The learning revolution has begun.

While learning and development in pharma and healthcare is constantly evolving, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged us to develop new ways to learn and accelerated the change to the learning ecosystem.

Individuals expect to consume knowledge using digital platforms with 24/7 access. Everything from job-critical training to soft skill development is only a few clicks away.

What was once a slow evolution in learning is now a revolution.

We’ve sparked this revolution and are changing the shape of learning in the healthcare industry.

Ignyte is the ecosystem that is revolutionising learning.

Ignyte is the full ecosystem of learning.

Learners to choose their own pace

Self-directed learning empowers learners to consume knowledge in their own way, at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

Employers to develop top talent

Your very best people have the most opportunities. If you don’t meet their expectations for learning, they’ll move on.


Learning is easy to access and easily revisited.

Reskilling and upskilling

Employees feel connected and engaged and employers can activate this through reskilling and upskilling.

Break boundaries

Providing a great place to learn no longer means that place must be a classroom. Learners expect you to break the boundaries of traditional learning.

Ignyte is the ecosystem that is revolutionising learning.

Delivering increased employee engagement, effective training and business innovation across the world.

Businesses grow when their people are learning. By creating an ecosystem that fuels continuous learning, you’ll be building capability ahead of the competition.

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning is key to ensuring people are inspired and motivated to learn.

Ignyte learners engage with their programmes remotely and at their own pace, taking charge of their own education.

A digital platform

Ignyte’s platform comes to life with content that is engaging, dynamic and inclusive.

Poor content on a great platform is as bad as great content on a poor platform. Content and platform are a synonymous part of the learning ecosystem.

Humanised digital learning

Digital learning alone can leave learners feeling disconnected.

Facilitators provide essential guidance, coaching and targeted feedback by ‘connecting and collaborating’, whilst learners are empowered and in control of their professional development.

People become intrinsically motivated, thriving learners. The best of both worlds.

Continuous learning

Learning on Ignyte is broken down into bite-sized, easy to access chunks, resulting in focused and engaged learners.

Topics can be revisited anytime. Ignyte’s ecosystem provides a digital learning companion, available at the point of need.

In summary, Ignyte’s ecosystem

  • embraces self-directed learning (SDL)
  • offers a connected, safe learning environment
  • is interactive and engaging
  • packaged in easy-to-digest, bite-size chunks
  • humanises the digital experience
  • delivers learning when, where and how the individual wants it
  • empowers continuous learning at the point of need
  • Is available 24/7

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